Info about Free Keyloggers

Why do I need a keylogger?

A keylogger is a software or hardware tool for getting information entered on a keyboard by users of personal computers. Since the keyboard is the main source of information input, the free keylogger allows you to reveal information about user activities. The keylogger intercepts the text entered on the keyboard. This means that the program becomes free of user re-use in social networks, instant messaging texts, emails, and much more. True, only one part of the dialogue is recorded - the one that is entered directly by the PC user on whom the keylogger is installed. What a person wrote on the other side of the Internet, we can only guess.

Types of keyloggers

Keyloggers are of two types - hardware and software. Hardware - are special devices that are mounted in the keyboard, register physical keystrokes, and save the text in the internal storage device. The lack of such devices in their high cost and complexity of installation. In addition, the functionality is limited to recording keystrokes. You will not even know in the window of which application text was entered. Not to mention the additional monitoring features that almost all software keyloggers have.

Software keyloggers are software that is installed in such a way as to be hidden from the user. Such programs, as a rule, do not leave shortcuts in the main menu. The installation folder is either invisible to the user (using a software-based file system hoax) or has an unremarkable name. For example, the installation folder may be called System Repait Tool. The same goes for the process running in the memory of the computer. The process is either completely invisible or disguised as a system process. The program itself keylogger in monitoring mode is invisible. It does not show its windowing interface, and therefore works secretly from the user. In this case, at the program level, keystrokes are intercepted, and all this information is from time to time stored in a special folder on the hard disk of the computer. Unlike hardware keyloggers, software can be detected and destroyed by antivirus software. It also entails the unchangeable disclosure of the fact that a spyware application is running on its system to a PC user. On the other hand, the functionality of software keyloggers is dozens of times greater than the functionality of hardware loggers. In addition to the basic function of intercepting typed text, such programs are capable of hanging up copied text, addresses of visited sites, register launched applications, take screenshots, and so on.

Is it legal to use keyloggers

The use of keylogger download is not in itself an offense. It matters how then the information obtained is used. If you use credit card numbers to steal money from accounts, then this is a real crime. If you use the information obtained in order to protect the child from the danger of communicating with strangers, then such use of the program is absolutely legal. Also, keyloggers are often used by company owners, security staff and system administrators. The collected information is used to analyze the behavior and productivity of workers. Depending on the country, such use may be both legal and illegal. In general, if you are concerned about the legality of the use of keylogger, we advise you to consult with a lawyer.

Use with antiviruses

For lovers of hardware keyloggers, there is good news - they cannot be detected by antivirus programs. Also, it is almost impossible to detect them to the user, unless the user disassembles the keyboard for repair.

As for software keyloggers, everything is more complicated. Antiviruses relate differently to similar programs. In general, keyloggers are detected as malware. The thing is that the antivirus does not know the purpose of the kelogger. As mentioned above, legality depends on the purpose of use. Anti-Virus does not know what the keylogger was installed for: to steal confidential information, or for parental control. It is clear that in the first case, the antivirus must prevent the theft of classified information. In the second case, it was possible to resolve the work of the logger. But the antivirus is not able to read the thoughts and intentions of people, therefore it is forced to block the work of the keylogger.